Having been in the Clinical Management Software industry for 15 years, our company aims to provide reliable, user-friendly and customizable Practice Management solutions to solve all needs of Clinical Operations. Having an in-house programming team with our director and programmer, Dr. Francis Tjang, being also a medical physician, we are able to capitalize on this advantage to create a system that meets the needs of all members of the clinical team – Clinic Assistants, Nurses, Doctors and Accountants.

We take pride in our ability to enhance clinical needs with our customization requirement. We are able to complete customization requirements for clinic-specific operations within a time span average of 7 days. We also provide on-site and online support through our support team 24 Hours a day.

Major features of the Clinic Management System Software:

Medical billing and Payment

  • Billing system categorized by different billing groups and with different discount options.
  • Payment system with 10 modes of payments as well as corporate payment scheme and government grant scheme.
  • Accounts Receivable Owing feature
  • Printing of Receipt Summary, Receipt Detail as well as daily or monthly corporate invoices
  • 20 Most Common Billing Item Button Feature (Customizable to Each Clinic) on Billing Page
  • GST Inclusive/Exclusive option
  • Round to Nearest Dollar, Ten Cents Payment Collection Option

Dispensing and Drug Inventory Management

  • Dispensing through personalized medicine database and printing drug labels
  • User-friendly Drug Codes with Global search functions
  • 20 Most Common Drug Used button feature (Customizable to Each Clinic) on Main Dispensing Page
  • Stock/Inventory Adjustments
  • Adjustable Low Stock Alert or Minimum Stock Alert
  • Drug Expiration Alert

Hospitalization Recording

  • Surgical/Hospitalization Notes and Patient Medical Certificate feature compatible and transferable to printing report templates
  • Vaccination and X-ray recording and viewing functions
  • Referral Report with Customizable Template
    i. Includes patient historical clinical notation for department reference

Reporting and Accounting

  • Over 150 daily / monthly sales, purchases and management reports by doctors as well as by clinics exportable to PDF, SCV or Excel files. These are the main categories of reports our program has:
    • Statistical Analysis
    • CrossTab Report
    • Diagnosis Analysis
    • Symptom Analysis
    • Account Report
    • Drug Report
    • Patient Report
    • Management Reports
    • Receipt printing
  • UBS, MYOB Accounting software export function

Appointment Bookings

  • Dedicated graphical interface Appointment module to schedule appointments with 2 viewing options – View by Doctors and View by Rooms
  • Multi-User and Multi-Physician Feature
  • Lock Feature to secure important appointments such as Surgery
  • On-Leave Feature
  • Appointment Alerts

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