Runnex Systems proudly presents you with our latest product – our Cutting Edge POS System. In today’s market it is very important to keep track of inventory from both a cost and availability point of view. It costs too much to have employees counting inventory and customers will go someplace else if it is out of stock. Here at Runnex, our POS System has been modified to cater to your specific business needs. We bring you a vast array of products to help your business run smoother.

We have:

Retail POS

From the customer’s point of view, transactions are quicker and more accurate, reducing the amount of time the customer has to spend checking out or waiting in line.

  • Sales capture & issue receipts

  • Track daily sales and reports

  • Multiple payment modes

  • End of day closing

  • Inventory managment

  • Customer relationship management

  • Loyalty points & many more…

Hair & Beauty POS

We offer solutions for hair salon owners and managers.

  • Manage sales of hair & beauty services as well as product

  • Track stylist performance & comission

  • Track customer’s past services

  • Selling of packages

  • Appointment booking & many more…

Laundry & Cleaning POS

We help solve problems such as capturing defect of item when submitted for washing and also manage item collection.

  • Capture condition of item

  • Tracking of serial number of the product

  • Track collection date

  • Capture customer’s signature digitally

  • Track delivery date and time & many more…

Lighting & Furniture POS

We offer specific solutions to companies that sell lighting, furniture and bathroom equipment.

  • Manage delivery date and time

  • Record deposite and collection of balance payment

  • Capture buyer type

  • picture of product is in POS and can be printed on receipt

  • Product catalouge and order is on the tablet application & many more…


If you’re in the restaurant business it can speed up the ordering process by sending information directly to the kitchen allowing the cooks to be more efficient. This leaves more time for the waiters to serve the customers.

  • Unlimited hotkeys

  • Print orders to the kitchen printer

  • Multiple colours and pictures on buttons

  • Multiple payments and discounts

  • Enter & print queue number

  • Table plan

  • Track inventory

  • Split and merge table

  • Amend receipt

  • Works with a tablet waiter application & many more…

Wholesale POS
  • Manage Delivery Order and Purchase Order

  • Manage products in different price levels

  • Keep track of unpaid invoice & many more…


In 2015, Singapore government have enforced stringent guidelines for companies and vendors who want be listed as an authorized ICV application vendor under SPRING SINGAPORE. In the course of tough procedures, Runnex Systems Pte Ltd prides ourselves as one of the very few vendors who are listed under a Total of Three (3) Categories:

  1. Accounting Management System (ICV ceased as of 31 March 2016)
  2. Human Resource Management System (ICV ceased as of 31 March 2016)
  3. Point-of-Sales (POS) System

As a trusted partner in the industry, together being a pre-qualified vendor by SPRING SINGAPORE, you can acquire solutions from Runnex Systems and do not have to be concerned about not getting your solutions. Other than the Innovation & Capability Voucher (ICV), you may also be eligible to purchase our software with the help of IRAS’s Productivity and Innovation Credit Scheme (PIC).

If you have heard about the software we carry and you have any other enquiries, please feel free to contact us anytime during working hours. Our sales consultant will be happy to assist you with all the questions. We can advise you the necessary steps and procedures.

Contact our friendly sales consultants today for more enquiries or information about our
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