Sage Easytime caters specifically to employee time management. Employees of companies clock in their time attendance through a biometric, face recognition, card access or pin code time attendance machine installed at their office, making it easier to track employee attendance.

SAGE Easytime time attendance software will integrate with the hardware by syncing real-time data to produce timely reports on overall time management of employees.

The data extracted from the hardware reader can already integrate seamlessly with SAGE Easypay HRM payroll and leave management to automate the function of payroll computation.

This solution with the total integration will allow companies to automate the various aspects of HR management.


“The Sage Easy Time Attendance System takes employee time management to another level by
leveraging on the functionality of the Sage EasyPay Human Resource Management and Payroll software.”

Why Sage Easy Time Attendance System?

Convenience of a fully integrated HR and Payroll system
The Sage Easy Time Attendance System works with any access control reader that can export data, which churns the reports straight into the Sage EasyPay Leave and Payroll modules for easy processing.

Minimize human errors
A Time Attendance System essentially gives you full visibility on employee resources and allows the data to speak for itself. You no longer have to depend on human memory or time keeping routines to determine the movement of your employees. The use of biometric, card, and fingerprint scanner are the various methods the HR attendance system is compatible with.

Drive productivity
A consolidated overview allows you to optimize scheduling for everyday and project driven tasks. This allows you to track and plan ahead on allocating resources accordingly, resulting in an effective workflow which would then translate into improved productivity.

Sage Easytime HR E-Scheduling is a software which captures employees TIME IN & TIME OUT from our biometric time recorder and it calculates the useful information like Lateness, Overtime, allowances, etc… This information can be integrated seamlessly into the Sage Easypay Payroll software to calculate the salary information.

Sage Easytime HR E-Scheduling handles working patterns, roster management, Management Analysis Reports, Customized Report Writer, Audit Trial, auto link to our Payroll System.

The Greatest advantages of our software is Single database solution. i.e. our Time Attendance, Payroll, Leave and HR software’s shares the same SQL SERVER database. So any new input or modifications in one software module will automatically updates with other modules.

HR E-Scheduling Features

  • Normal OT1.0, OT1.5 and OT 2.0 rate
  • Flat rate OT
  • Early OT calculation: Overtime prior to the Scheduled shift time
  • OFF Set OT: Overtime adjusted against the lateness
  • Rounding OT hours feature
  • Minimum & maximum OT hours ceiling feature
  • Different OT rate after mid night work feature
  • Dinner Break deductions
  • Pre-approve OT hours feature

Daily Allowances

  • Supports attendance, transport, meal, shift, health and other kind of allowances
  • Allows penalty and partial allowances deduction by many different criteria
  • Supports daily and monthly allowances computation
  • Supports weekday, weekend and public holiday computation
  • Easy parameter settings
  • Allows easy updating or edit feature

Working Hours (Shift Pattern)

  • Supports unlimited different working patterns
  • Supports unlimited rotation duty roster
  • Auto-shift feature (System auto-assign working hours group based on IN time)
  • Flexible working hours feature
  • Scheduling working hours group feature (No fixed working pattern)
  • Individual employee assignment of working hours group
  • User friendly parameter settings

Time Attendance Device

Fingerprint system plays important role to record employees IN & OUT timing for attendance & overtime calculation. The fingerprint sensor must be in good quality to read the employee’s difficult fingers which is usually dirty, oily and some employees even have sweaty & dry fingers in natural.

Our fingerprint readers are built-in with high quality optical sensors which can read wet, dry, cut & swelled fingers.

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